How to Prepare for the MPI



The University of Toronto Medical School Interviews begin soon and you must be prepared. The former MMI process has been replaced with the MPI or Modified Personal Interview which is considered a reliable means of assessing great future doctors. The candidate will interview in separate rooms with four different interviewers who are either faculty or medical doctors. Through questions asked you will be rated for maturity, communication skills, and interpersonal skills. You must be able to answer these questions with foresight, integrity and compassion.

First impressions carry a lot of weight. Make sure you exude the look and temperament of the future doctor you want to be.
Dress for the occasion: Be neat, comfortable but make sure you look professional and respectful. This is an important day.
Be yourself – nerves and all. The point of the MPI is to find out who you are. Smile and make eye contact.
Listen to the question asked and if unsure ask for clarification. Once you are certain of what is being asked take a moment to organise your thoughts before plunging in.
Be honest. Elaboration makes a more interesting story but stick to the facts.
This is your last chance. Everything rests on your performance here. Make sure you have prepared for this intense interview process with either 2 or 4 hours practise and understanding at the Career Council. Prepare to Crush it!


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