Dalhousie Medical School Coaching

You have applied to Dalhousie Medical School and you now hold your Invitation to Interview. The interview is the hardest part of the process and it will decide whether or not you are accepted. You MUST do everything possible to be one of the chosen few. Interviews are on the weekend of November 19 and 20th and they will be in the format of the Multiple Mini Interview.  These interviews are not about how much you know, they are about you as a person: how good are you at problem solving; are you able to think on your feet; how balanced is your life; your level of compassion for your work and for others; what motivates you; how adept you are at critical thinking; your awareness of society’s view on certain health issues and current events; how well you communicate and what are your ethics. The reason they want this information is to see if you will fit into their medical program and into medicine as a career. No one has ever asked you these questions before and you MUST be prepared to answer them to the fullest and to put forth your very best YOU!

The Career Council has been helping students get into the medical school of their dreams for the past 7 years and we have a 98.5% success rate. Don’t gamble with this very important interview – let us help you Prepare for Your Interview!medicalstudents2


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